There is a small and exquisite kind of beauty

that is not easily seen.

When you feel it with your heart,

it will change your world.

AU Optronics (AUO) is the world’s leading provider of display and solar solutions, and we are the first enterprise to have been established in Central Taiwan Science Park. We have over the years remained committed to corporate sustainability. Besides innovation in products and technology, we are also dedicated to social participation and giving back to local communities. AUO is an active participant of the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition, and we host our own enterprise pavilion in the expo–the AUO Micro Gallery, the perfect integration of technology with the beauty of nature through advanced display technologies, where we will utilize our specialty to contribute to the society.

A Whole New Micro World – Dance to the Beauty of Life

The theme of the AUO Micro Gallery is ” A Whole New Micro World – Dance to the Beauty of Life ,” through which nature’s life forces will be portrayed in images. It is hoped that visitors to the gallery will be able to experience the beauty of pollen – the source of life for plants – through microscopic images shown on AUO’s displays and that they will understand the importance of these tiny grains of pollen to nature as a whole, and that through this understanding, they will be moved and motivated to become more connected with and more caring of the natural environment around them.

From the microscopic to the macroscopic, AUO Micro Gallery hopes to take visitors on a journey to see infinite strength in tiny things, and furthermore enable them to experience and perceive in detail the truthfulness of technology, the goodness of culture, and the beauty of nature.

Auo Hand

AUO would like to thank:

National Taiwan Museum|Co-curator
Fu Tsu Construction|Building Construction
archicake design|Architecture Design
Barcode Creation|Exhibition Design & Execution
HD.Club / AQUA Visual Co. Ltd.|Video Production
DTS, Inc.|Sound Consultant
Artist ZXin|Crafts Production
Liang yu-wha|Porcelain Sculptures