Corporate Sustainability

There is a small yet eternal kind of beauty

that is not easily seen.

When you delve into it,

it will animate your entire world.

AUO’s long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility – participation in the Flora Expo as a part of corporate sustainability

As a corporate citizen, AUO has been dedicated to balancing corporate development with environmental sustainability since its founding days. We have long focused upon social contribution, environmental friendliness and sustainability, and science education. We have collaborated on and participated in many projects as a part of our commitment to corporate sustainability.

Not only have we sponsored and operated DADA’s Magic Land located within the National Museum of Natural Science, and built the largest interactive learning base for optoelectronics in Taiwan to impart scientific education and disseminate optoelectronics knowledge, we have also encouraged employees to donate one day’s salary towards the Honest-Intelligent Scholarship to help disadvantaged children for 13 years as of 2018. The cumulative donations have surpassed NTD$100 million and helped more than 30,000 junior high school and elementary school children. At our “Green Party”, volunteers from the BenQ Group and their families gather from all over Taiwan to participate in tree-planting. Since the event began in 2008, more than a million trees have been planted on the grounds of the group’s plants and facilities around the world, exemplifying the concrete action we have taken to fulfill our commitment to environmental sustainability. In 2018, AUO’s Houli fab was chosen as the spot for the tree-planting event, and a request for volunteers was sent out to employees and their families to help plant around 10,000 trees in the area and create a beautiful landscape full of flowers. In the future, the grounds will be integrated with Taichung Flora Expo’s Horse Ranch Expo Site and opened to tourists as a parking lot.

AUO not only planned and built a pavilion for the 2018 Taichung Flora Expo, our employees have also actively volunteered to help at the AUO Micro Gallery in hopes of contributing to society with their professional expertise, so that as our company grows, it will continue to thrive alongside the local community and society and remain sustainable, now and always.

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