Architecture — the embodiment of beauty

Hidden within the forest of words and poetry

One draws nearer with each step,

Gradually, its face becomes clear

The black and white release energy in purity

Only in the moment that it is gazed upon

Does it reveal its form

The AUO Micro Gallery was designed with idea that architecture should coexist harmoniously with nature. The outer appearance of the structure blends in naturally with the surrounding pristine forest, while the lush woods and flourishing ecology of Houli Forest Park are kept as much as possible in their original state. The modest simplicity of the museum building allows it to become one with nature, an echo of its exhibition theme—pollen, a little thing that most people rarely notice in their daily lives. If specks of pollen are the seeds of beauty, then the AUO Micro Gallery is the embodiment of beauty itself, hidden within the woods, and an expression of our synergy with nature.

微美館建築 1 1029
建築 2
建築 1

The perfect meld of nature and architecture

AUO Micro Gallery encompasses two exhibition spaces that have different atmospheres, one light and one dark. The “dark” exhibition room has no pillars, creating a simple, open space with a direct line of sight to everything on display. The light exhibition room draws in natural light through large floor-to-ceiling windows, and has a view of the forest so that the indoors displays reflect the outdoor scenery. The outdoor garden attached to the main building features grilles that blend the garden into the surrounding greenery.

The building is in a calming, subdued gray that emphasizes the simplistic lines of the building materials. Under different light angles, the building shows subtle changes of light and shadow and rich gradients of color. Greenery, light and shadow, purity, subtlety, and calm; the AUO Micro Gallery’s many faces are a perfect source of enjoyment and wonder.

微美館建築 A 1029
微美館建築 B 1029

Realizing sustainability through subtraction design

The architecture of AUO Micro Gallery is based upon the principle of subtraction design, which is to lower the amount of unnecessary decoration and use green building materials and construction methods to implement the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

After the Taichung Flora Expo ends, AUO will dismantle the gallery and reuse the building materials to construct an environmental education facility on the grounds of AUO’s fab in Central Taiwan Science Park, thereby upholding the spirit of environmental sustainability.