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AUO Micro Gallery AR APP

AUO Micro Gallery augmented reality photo app enables visitors to experience the fun of taking pictures with virtual technology, allowing them to make photo collages and know about the plants of the beautiful pollen and seeds!




Point the AR camera at the signs next to the pollen sculptures in the garden of AUOMicro Gallery, and the corresponding flowers beautifully designed will appear for taking photos by merging real and virtual environments


10 various pollen-themed templates are offered. Pictures can be easily selected and combined to make one single photo, and then shared via social media


Provide information of the plants whose pollen and seeds appeared in the video or exhibited in the gallery
Download AUO Micro Gallery APP using the QR codes or by searching “AUO Micro Gallery” in the App Store / Google Play

Apply to Android 6.0 and above、iOS 11.0 and above

181008 花博指示牌_A4
181008 花博指示牌_A4
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